Hunters HD Gold Rx

Digital progressive lenses and single vision prescriptions are available.  Contact Us for more details on how to move forward with perfect vision while hunting or shooting.

Hunters HD Gold Team Hat

$15.00 Free Shipping

Z-Clear Anti-Fog Paste

$10.00 Free Shipping


Hunters HD Gold® lenses enhance clarity and contrast while automatically adjusting to whatever light conditions the day may bring.  Trivex® material provides superior optics and enhanced safety.

Hunters HD Gold Team Patch

$3.50 Free Shipping

Z-Clear Anti-Fog Paste

2 Pack

$15.00 Free Shipping

Z-Clear Anti-Fog Paste

3 Pack

$20.00 Free Shipping

Advanced Lens Technology

  • Improves Low Light Conditions
  • Reduces Glare and Haze
  • Reduces Eye Strain
  • Enhances Contrast