Advanced Lens Technology

  • Improves Low Light Conditions
  • Reduces Glare and Haze
  • Reduces Eye Strain
  • Enhances Contrast


Hunters HD Gold® lenses enhance clarity and contrast while automatically adjusting to whatever light conditions the day may bring.  Trivex® material provides superior optics and enhanced safety.

Larry Joe Steeley

Rainbow Technology Corporation

Wearing Hunters HD Gold Grey Camo

​​“I was fortunate enough to shoot the 2016 Alabama State Steel Match with my new Hunters HD Gold prescription glasses.  I was able to achieve 5 State Titles due to how well the glasses performed in both direct sunlight and under cloud cover across two days.  As the shooting conditions changed, I did not have to fumble around to find different glasses, instead the lenses changed to the lighting conditions for me.  Words cannot explain how great the contrast is.  My front sight has never been so clear!  I can firmly say my shooting performance will no longer be limited by the glasses I wear.  Thank you so much to the Hunters HD Gold team for putting the time and effort into researching and developing the best pair of shooting glasses I have ever tried on!”

Nope those aren’t my beloved Ray Bans. Those are the new Aviators from Hunters HD Gold. I met with Hunters HD Gold before my trip to Missouri. I used them while I was hunting, target shooting with various types of optics but most of my experience was in a very cloudy environment so even though I was excited about them I didn’t want to jump the gun just yet till I had a chance to try them in really bright sunlight. Wow! They really do make the clarity of everything around you Hd! They even will put prescription lenses in them for you! Another fun story for you is while in Missouri another pair I brought with me was being worn by someone who was sighting in the Windrunner (50 cal) during the process they moved the stock in. Renounced to any of us the slots on the rods that enable the stock to lock in place at the most forward position happened to not be milled out wide enough. It clicked and stayed in place when shouldered. When fired it disengaged from the slots & left a nasty scope bite on his forehead!!! The glasses were fine! It bent them and took some hair with them but if he hadn’t been wearing them it would have been a lot worse! I bent the frames back out and he’s still wearing them! If you’re going to get scope bitten it may as well be from a 50 cal right?! So I can attest from personal experience from cloudy, rainy days, to the bright alabama sunshine, to getting slammed by a 50 cal.. these Aviators are hands down tough as nails and worth every penny! You’ll never buy another pair of shooting glasses! - Modern Gun Girl 


"Hunters HD Gold are like no other shooting glasses on the market.  The light transition and the clarity out on the sporting clays field truly helped bring out the color contrast.  Everyone out there who saw them asked about them.  I can't wait to use these on my next hunting trip.  The guys here at Steyr Arms give it 5 stars!"

                                                           Jake Keiser - Steyr Arms International

Larry Joe Steeley, Jr

Rainbow Technology Corporation

"Wow, I use them every match.  They cover bright or dark days, I no longer think about changing colors due to weather.  I wear sunglasses a lot but, not during a match as I need to see in the shade and the sun and these glasses seem to cover it all."  

                                    Stan Shiparsky - Smith & Wesson

"The Hunters HD Gold lenses provide a great boost in low-light conditions, giving me a huge benefit in contrast and depth perception – especially on overcast or hazy days. The auto-tenting comes in handy for those days where you are going through deep woods and open fields - really adjusting to the changing light and keeping me from switching out glasses or suffering in one lighting condition or the other."

                                Brandon Pelota - Engineer PRADCO Outdoor Brands

Let me start by saying…”I LOVE my HUNTERS HD GOLD eyewear”!

I was able to test them out in Casper Wyoming during a two day Prairie Dog shoot.

Being blonde with blue eyes my eyes are very sensitive to all the elements especially in the windy, dry and sunny conditions of Wyoming high deserts.

Not only did they block the constant wind from my eyes but the brightness and clarity was awesome. The cloud cover would roll in and give relief from the heat but could also hinder your spotting ability. That wasn’t the case with my HUNTERS HD GOLD glasses. They completely lite everything up.

They also dramatically reduced my eye fatigue being out in the field all day.

I am unable to wear sunglass while shooting or spotting because of the darkness trying to look thru a scope or binoculars. I can easily wear HUNTERS HD GOLD from sun up to sun down while behind a scope or pair of binoculars.

Gray Farnsworth - Swarovski

"I wanted to let you know that our Steel Target Paint shooting team reviewed the Hunters Gold HD shooting glasses at the NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship at Cavern Cove in Woodville AL. The whole team agreed that target acquisition was drastically improved during the match due to the clarity of the lenses. We are recommending the Hunters HD Gold to all of the competitors and anyone else who wishes to gain the maximum limits of their vision while shooting."

Hunter's HD Gold helped me win my third consecutive World Championship in the Rimfire Rifle Optics Division and also won Rifle Steel Master (Which is Rimfire rifle and PCC added together).  With the Rifle Steel Master victory, I am now the worlds fastest rifle shooter! I love my new glasses and they surely helped me win.  I shot 2 personal best scores which propelled me to victory!

Thank you again for helping me with this win!  I am so grateful and this is a really big win this time.  I couldn't have done it without the added edge Hunters HD Gold gave me.

Trent Mitsuoka

I’d been wearing Hunters HD Gold for about 2 weeks before the US Steel Shoot. I liked the way that the photochromic lenses adapted to the sunlight, changing so I didn’t have to. However, at the US Steel shoot I’d be shooting all day in the bright sun, how would they hold up? I’m happy to report that they performed amazingly! Throughout the day, every plate was crisp and it help me take 3rd overall in PCCO.  I didn’t take them off until I got back to my car that night, and I had ZERO eye strain. I’ll never need another set of shooting glasses, thanks Hunters HD Gold!

Chris Guest - President, QDMA Birmingham Chapter


Hunters HD Gold® protective safety glasses are manufactured to meet the ANSI Z87.1+ - 2015 High Impact requirements*.The lenses are made from impact resistant Trivex® material.  Hunters HD Gold® are not unbreakable and offer only limited protection.  For work hazards involving the possibility of high mass / high velocity impact, such as fragmenting grinding wheels - goggles, face shields and or machine guards should be considered.  Consult with your supervisor or safety specialist to decide which type of protection is required for your work environment.  Eyewear should be frequently inspected.  Scratched, pitted, or crazed lenses will have reduced visibility and impact resistance, and should be replaced immediately.   Tinted lenses filter out 99% of all harmful UV radiation.  Tinted lenses offer protection against sun glare, BUT should not be used in welding, brazing or cutting operation or where there are dangerous levels of IR radiation.  Spectacles should be worn as supplied.  These spectacles do not offer protection against molten metal, chemical splash or Laser light.  Hunters HD Gold® should be cleaned using ONLY soap and warm water and dried off with a dry clean cloth.  DO NOT use abrasive cleaning compounds or solvents.  *Impact resistant lenses are neither shatterproof nor unbreakable. Coatings may alter the impact resistance of any lens material.

®️Trivex is a registered trademark of PPG Industries

®️Hunters HD Gold is a registered trademark 


Gray Farnsworth

Swarovski Optik NA LTD

Wearing Hunters HD Gold Purple Camo

​Jeff Jones - Competitive Shooter

Steven Foster - Team Captain 

Steel Target Paint Shooting Team

“Hunters HD Gold glasses have proved to be valuable in both hunting and skeet shooting. For hunting the extend my hours of visibility at least 30 minutes giving me an advantage when deer hunting. The transitioning lenses really help fight eye fatigue that I normally get with other glasses. Lastly the color of the lenses help me acquire fast moving targets much quicker making them a must when I am skeet shooting. I would recommend  these to anyone looking for that extra edge hunting or shooting.”

                              John Price - Moultrie Product Development 

As an avid hunter and wingshooter, I am always looking for ways to leverage the latest technology to improve my odds in the field.  Whether it's the latest camo pattern, scent control system, arrow rest, or rifle optics, our gear gives us a physical and mental edge in our pursuits.  As someone who was blessed with 20/20 vision, it never occurred to me that I could actually improve my visual acuity.  Boy was I wrong.  The first time I put on a pair of Hunters HD Gold, I realized what I had been missing.  It's like upgrading your eyes to High Definition.  These glasses allow me to perceive movement and contrast like never before, improve my ability to focus in both extremely bright and low light conditions, and most importantly protect my eyes from the hazards that surround me while in the field.  The best part is that I don't have to sacrifice comfort gain these advantages.  Whether I am pursuing that buck of a lifetime with my bow, staring down a gobbler with my shotgun, or just shooting some sporting clays with my friends, you won't find me in the field without my Hunters HD Gold. 

Chris Guest, President QDMA Birmingham Chapter

"The glasses performed great. I have used them extensively over the last few months. They work especially well for shooting sports, whether it be with pistol, rifle or shotgun; open sites or optics, they REALLY make your site picture "pop." In bright light they take the glare off of your target and in low light they really help with target acquisition. While hunting, particularly in heavy brush, these glasses help me detect movement MUCH better in any light, and help me identify what it is I'm seeing in those circumstances far better and faster than the naked eye. Also, they are quite robust and stand up well to abuse. They don't scratch or break easily and that's saying something coming from someone that puts them through what I do. I would recommend these glasses to anyone involved in hunting and/or shooting. This is an excellent product."

                  Logan McBroom - Natural Resources Conservation Service, Alabama

Hunters HD Gold Rx

Digital progressive lenses and single vision prescriptions are available.  Contact Us for more details on how to move forward with perfect vision while hunting or shooting.